Everything that happens is meant to be

Everything that happens is supposed to be
And it's all pre-determined, can't change your destiny
Guess I'll just keep moving, someday maybe
I'll get to where I'm going

(Bright Eyes)

I don't agree with this. I believe in free will. Is this what you teach multi-cultural poor people? Also something called, "share your files with Dino" opened up twice as my computer made noises when I tried to check out your web site and I don't appreciate it. I wanted to complement you in English but I don't believe you're doing anything good but oppression.
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I believe in free will as well. I think that determinism and free will can exist at the same time. I am free to make my own choices. At the same time it may be known in advance what I will choose. Still it is important to go through the process of making a good choice, of following my heart. I should not sit down and wait for my destiny, because then nothing will happen. I can only get where I want to go if I move in that direction. If I don't believe in a free will, if I believe that I cannot make a difference, then it becomes true. But if I believe that I can change my destiny then it becomes true as well. Even if it was known in advance that I would decide to change it.

I like it that the singer says that he will keep moving so maybe someday he will get to where he is going.
Thanks for writing this.
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