I am going to lead an Xplore project at Ometepe from 18 November to 4 December. We are going to look if some small co-operations can be set up on the island, to increase the employability, since 90% of the population is unemployed at Ometepe.

See you later!

enjoy your time in heavan :)
wish you best of luck
(sorry for my English)
I've discovered your Blog as I searched for Lévinas. Nice to know you're studying his tought. I've finished my master also in Lévinas philosophy, last September.
We organized here in Lisbon, in March, a symposium to celebrate the centenary of birth of Lévinas, and there was a speech about multiculturalism, of Prof. Graciano Gonzalez Arnaiz, from Complutense, in Madrid. We are going to publish it all in a book. If you have interest in it, I can send it to you by e-mail (but it is in Spanish and Portuguese...).


See you and good luck for your work!
To Anonymous: thanks for the wishes and everything is going well here :)

To Perez: Thank you very much, I certainly like to receive that text and the parts that I don´t understand can be translated. Maybe we can also exchange views about Levinas some time.
hoop dat je een leuke tijd in Nicaragua hebt gehad.....ben ondertussen zelf uitgebreid binnen bloggen (oa over Levinas), in het kader van m'n opleiding Intercultureel Management.

Ga gerust eens een kijkje nemen op http://bartmeetsworld.blogspot.com

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