God is good

Today I had a very interesting msn chat with my friend Khalid. It's a very philosophical and very universal perspective on religion and I think it's one of the highest possible levels of tolerance both towards other religions than our own and towards atheism. It's also the highest level of agnosticism that a believer can accept, I think.

Khalid: Can you prove that a religion is 100% right or wrong?

Esther: No of course not

Khalid: So better to stay on the safe side, if my religion is right then i am safe, if my religion is fake, at least i didn't say bad things about the right one

Esther: I can know what a good God considers as good and what as evil. A good God will find it more important that I am a good person, that I don't harm innocent people, that I help people who need help, that I don't spread hate, that I don't dehumanize people, even if I follow the wrong religion with a non-existing god.

Khalid: That is true. And God is the best.

At the same time, if you believe that there is no God then better not say anything bad about him, because if He exist, then you will not only be sorry for not believing in him, but also you will have to face the fact that you did speak ill of his Hollyness.


And at Orkut Asiya posted a beautiful reply:

THATS what I believe in!
I'm not sure of God's existence but as long as I'm trying to be AS GOOD AS I can! Then there's NO HARM!
I'm doing my best at being good and if there' s a heaven and hell... and I'm sent to hell, although I thought i was doing the right thing...
I won't regret cuz I tried my best!

And another beautiful reaction at Orkut:

Exactly, that's the basis of any religion.
God was given form by us, so many of them, so many forms. The masses cannot enlighten themselves on this obscure concept.
In india we have idol worship. Everything is man made, it's suited for the masses... but it cannot bring them to oneness with god. Liberation needs a deeper understanding.
Vedas promoted shiva and Vishnu.
Chirst promoted Christianity.
Mohamed promoted Islam.
God is always good. Coz God is compassion and love .


And some lyrics about good things:

Good Things
Lucky Dube

There will be a time in your life
When you' ll need me the most
But I won' t be there
There will be a time in your life
When you won' t need me at all
I won' t be there
But while I' ve got the chance
I' m gonna tell you what I know
About this world we' re living in
It may seem so beautiful
From where you are
It may look so innocent
In your eyes
But let me tell you
It' s not a bed of roses

I can sit here and teach you
Every trick in the book
But at the end of the day
It is your life

Good things come to those
Who got out and made them happen
They don' t come to those who wait

You don' t have to worry
The future is in your hands

wow what a beautiful post thank you very much i think god is always god if we're always good
Why then don't we just go that one step further?
If so much emphasis in the world (resulting in negativity) is on believing in 'God' just add another 'o' and let's all believe in good.

If we all believe solely in 'Good', then we won't have conflicting doctrine to worry about.

Peace & Love
Well said, I totally agree.
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